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Today's Authors is about people. 

The Webster's Dictionary defines "author" as someone who creates or originates anything.

Today's Authors features authors, creators and originators of ideas and those among us who compose, write, paint, dance and innovate.  Today's Authors explores the messages and the messengers of the creative process and engages some of the most intriguing minds including their works and lives. Interviews are shared with clients, customers and friends.  Also, it used by publishers, creators and our clients to promote their works, ideas and increase awareness. 

Today's Authors is designed for a new audience. In order to promote our website and help our clients and partners increase awareness, Today's Authors distributes content using internet television and new social media platforms.  We provide our clients with an opportunity to link to our video player from their own website. 

In addition, we do create content for traditional television.

Todays Authors is a subsidiary of NCN, Inc.