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Elizabeth Brundage
Author Elizabeth Brundage talks about the art of writing and her  book "A Stranger Like You" with guest host Joe Condon. In A Stranger Like You, Brundage delivers a taut thriller about the lengths to which people will go to make their dreams come true. After film exec Hedda Chase pulls the plug on a film project initiated by one of her predecessors, the screenwriter decides to stage his script's ending and casts Hedda as the victim. This is the set-up for a troubling, smart, deadly look at women and images of women, at media as a high-stakes game and the selling of a war as theatre. (One key character is an Iraq veteran, and one of Hedda’s projects is a film about women in Iraq). Brundage’s Los Angeles is a casual battleground that trades carelessly in lives and dreams. As always, her characters are complicated, surprising, and intense in this high velocity, provocative novel.