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Natural Causes and Other Stories

Author Paul McComas turns the table and interviews Todays Authors host and author Gary McLouth about his book, Natural Causes. McLouth's characters in Natural Causes turn vulnerable moments into acts of insight, love and the kind of heroism that passes for simple good work in a small town. These stories are linked by the intents and intuitions of people determined to do the right thing even as they are destined to endure the realities of circumstance. You could say they act out of strong faith in God and from deep commitments to family, community, and freedom, but don't ask them to talk about it much.


About Author Gary McLouth

Gary McLouth was born in Batavia, N.Y., and grew up in the nearby village of Corfu. He walked to school for the 13 years from Kindergarten to high school graduation. Same building, same walk. Green Dragon football and baseball player. Some trumpet, lots of choir. Senior class president and prom king. 

Then Syracuse University where everything he knew got him through the first day of classes. Eventually, his fall back plan to be a teacher became the profession of choice, and in 1985 Gary finished a Doctor of Arts in English at SUNY Albany NY. He is currently an Associate Professor of Communications at the College of Saint Rose. A second collection of stories is underway for publication in 2010.

“Gary McLouth is a rare writer in how he champions the appearance of truth and goodness in everyone as it rises forth in the most ordinary of circumstances. He never denies the hardships that life on earth presents, but somehow with a clear heart and wide eye shows us that an angel waits inside each of us for the darkest time to rise; not with choirs or white wings, but with sweat and effort and small indispensable kindnesses. These stories will help you get out of bed in the morning.” 

Mark Nepo, author of Surviving Has Made Me Crazy and Facing the Lion, Being the Lion

“If a fiction writer’s job is to observe the world closely, to think clearly about what he has seen, and then to transmute those considered observations into a fictional world that readers feel compelled to enter, experience, and enjoy, then Gary McLouth, in his new collection, Natural Causes and other stories, has more than done his job.”

– William Patrick, author of Saving Troy