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Bruce G. Hallenbeck
Host Gary McLouth talks with author, writer and director Bruce G. Hallenbeck. Hammer Fantasy & Sci-Fi is the first full length work dedicated to the Hammer Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies.
Gary McLouth
Natural Causes turns vulnerable moments into acts of insight, love and the kind of heroism that passes for simple good work in a small town.
Paul McComas
Author Paul McComas reads from his new work Unforgettable. From aliens to zombies, prehistoric monsters to monstrously conceived tomorrows, here are Paul McComas' 50 best horror, speculative-fiction, and dark-comic works, most never before published.
Randy Howard
Randy Howard talks with host Gary McLouth about his unique style of writing and blogging. Also, Howard talks about his head injury in 1995 which has inspired him to write his new upcoming book.
Author Tim W. Brown shares from his novel Second Acts, a comic historical novel set in 1830s America, a time of great social upheaval and reform fervor, not unlike the 1960s.
Author Richard Lucas is a freelance writer and lifelong shortwave radio enthusiast. Richard Lucas has written, Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany, the first thoroughly documented look at this mythologized figure of World War II.

Sandi Gelles-Cole
THE MEMOIR OF MARILYN MONROE, Sandi Gelles-Cole's latest foray into fiction, building on her more than 35 years' as a book editor, ghostwriter, and book doctor.